Human Resources

The human resources of Le Tran Gypsum is to create a professional, safe, creative and enthusiastic working environment with customers.


Employees are the greatest asset of the company; no staff, no company. Therefore, we are very interested in the talent of workers. We “select, train, use, develop” those talents. That allows them to grow and their development will always be associated with the development of the company.


Only when a company is built on the collective endeavor of its employees can the company and employees share prosperity. Since its founding, Le Tran Gypsum has pursued this policy and is not discouraged by difficulties, always stepping forward.


1. Training.

Training and development staff is one of the important tasks that Le Tran Gypsum made to improve the personal capacity of employees, thereby helping each employee achieve the goals set.

At Le Tran Gypsum, based on the actual demands of each level of staff and capacity requirements for each position, appropriate and effective training programs will be designed using a variety of approaches.


2. Staff performence evaluation.

Staff performance evaluation are periodically conducted at Le Tran Gypsum to ensure that all employees receive regular feedback on their performance. This customization will assist management in identifying potential employees to include in the inheritance plan, and help management identify low performing employees and propose their development plans.

This is the basis for all employees to develop their capacity along with the development of Le Tran Gypsum, which is aimed at an employees’s performance-centered culture.


3. Salary – bonus.

The salary and bonus policy at Le Tran Gypsum is associated with the performance of employees and the business efficiency of Le Tran Gypsum.

Besides, Le Tran Gypsum has a policy of 13 month salary, rewarding holidays 30/4, 2/9, New Year and Tet holiday.


4. Advancement.

Due to the need for organizational development, Le Tran Gypsum always offers every opportunity for qualified staff and professional achievements to be promoted to higher positions when these positions need to be recruited or raised. The level of work expressed by the individual’s ability is potential to be able to assume a higher position in the future.


5. Social insurance – health – unemployment.

Le Tran Gypsum complies with the regulations on social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance. After the successful completion of the probationary period at Le Tran Gypsum, all employees are entitled to a contract of employment and participation in social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance on the basis of contributions in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws in force.


6. Working environment

Opportunities for career development in a large scale company, professional working environment, application of advanced technology and modern equipment.

The policy respects and adheres to the standards of health, safety and the environment, business activities associated with health care, the application of safety measures and efforts to protect the environment, comply with the laws and regulations of Vietnam and International.

Human Resources
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