Our Promise

Cam kết của Thạch Cao Lê Trần

To our customers.

  • We value each and every single one of our customer’s feedback and request, as we believe that they are the driving force for us to continue to innovate and improve on our products. Besides our pride of the excellent product quality, we also promise to steadily polishing our customer service every day, in order to bring the most to our customer’s satisfaction, benefit and happiness.
  • We hope to build better relationships with our partners, and together we enhance the industry of gypsum.

    To our employees.

  • It is our goal to generate a professional, safe, creative and with full enthusiasm environment for our employees to work in. We believe that our employees are the most important and precious parts of our company. Le Tran, as a company, would not be where we are today without the passion and hard work of our employees.
  • We select, train, push and develop the hidden talents among our employees. As this will help them to continuously grow and build on their existed skills. We believe that this will not only help the employees themselves, but also the company in the long run.
  • Team work makes the dream work. It is only when a company is built on the hard work, passion and loyalty of each employee that the whole team can share the prosperous results. This is a non-changing belief that our company has kept and continue to exercise ever since establishment.

    To the general public.

  • We promise to do our best to harmonize ours and the general public’s benefits; to do community service that will give back the support that we have received; to show the team work mindset, as well as to exhibit the responsibility of a citizen and the cultural pride.