Our Motto

Phương châm của Thạch cao Lê Trần

Our motto is “Quality – Prestige – Sustainable Growth”. Therefore, Le Tran will also push forward to a strong product line, as a mean to increase the quality and the diversification, and once again, cement our position in the industry. It is also our objective to bring our products to our prospective customers outside of Vietnam, specifically within the South-East Asia area, and possibly reaching even further out in the near future.


Our vision

  • To deliver high quality products, that are environmental friendly and exceeding the internationally accepted standards, while still offering them at an affordable and reasonable price.
  • To create and promote a true Vietnamese brand, that will showcase our intelligence and pride using our enthusiastic mindset of consistent improvement and outstanding investment strategies.
  • To plant and grow a series of core competing benefits: Self-contained production line, an effective distribution-retail system, a line of strong brands, environment friendly and reaching the community, a specialized administration and business culture, be the pioneer of innovation that will bring the highest value for shareholders, employees and the general public.
  • To accomplish our promises to our partners, customers and users in delivering high product qualities, excellent services along with competitive prices, in order to achieve the need of the industry and continue on improving the prestige of our brand.

    Our mission

    To innovate and maintain a sustainable growth for Le Tran to become a vigorous and stable brand.


    Our core values

  • To produce and deliver a variety of products such as metal frames and decorative boards, that are high quality and exceeding the industry standards.
  • To provide the best customer service. Our customer’s trust and satisfaction is the main goal for every activity of our company.

    With our desire to be the pioneer of innovation along with the outstanding investment strategies – sustainable growth, Le Tran’s objective will always focus on building a true Vietnamese brand, proving our intelligence and becoming the pride of Vietnam in the international market.