When choosing gypsum ceilings, you do not just rely on hobbies, trends … but also consider the suitability of different living spaces. Here are some tips for decorating the gypsum ceiling for those who are planning to build or repair the house.


1. Attention to the color of the gypsum ceiling

For gypsum ceiling, white is still the most chosen because of its harmony, elegance. White also has the advantage of emphasizing other details in living space such as the color of the sofa, wall pictures and other items. But white also has the disadvantage that it is easy to make the low room becomes lower and higher ceilings also become higher.


Màu sắc của sàn và các vật dụng nội thất sẽ được nhấn mạnh nhờ sắc trắng của trần nhà thạch cao


If the proper color and decoration of gypsum ceiling can make the house more lively and personality. Home decoration in blue tone in interior design brings a cool, pleasant feeling, especially on the hot summer days. Home decoration in blue color creates elegance and relaxation, ideal for any space, from the living room, living room to the bedroom. You can skillfully use blue water in a variety of ways: the entire room, wall, ceiling, curtain or just on some furniture.


Trang trí nhà theo tông màu xanh nước biển


You can use the main blue color or ancillary color in the room in the wall color or the main lounge chair in the living room. However, the advice of the architect is that you should combine with white, cream color to create an elegant; black color gives a classic look, brown wood creates a solemn or yellow color to brighten the bright.


Sự kết hợp màu sắc giữa trần nhà và vật dụng nội thất


2. Add decorating styles for the gypsum ceiling

The recessed gypsum ceiling is the first choice in fine interior design. The recessed gypsum ceilings are often used for decorating, creating a focal point in the overall architecture of the home.


Trần nhà thạch cao giật cấp


The recessed gypsum ceiling is one of the most beautiful gypsum ceiling designs currently in the market. Currently it is often used to decorate interior decoration for townhouses, apartments or villas … The recessed gypsum ceiling is often used to decorate the meeting room with luxurious style, impressive.


Nét ấn tượng của trần thạch cao giật cấp

Recessed gypsum ceiling is a part of the project, contributing to covering, soundproof, heat insulation and to deal with defects in the interior decoration … Ceiling gypsum is built skeleton and the plasterboard is grafted into multiple layers that add to the charm – luxury – modern roof of the house and suitable for all space.


Trần nhà thạch cao giật cấp luôn mang lại vẻ đẹp cho mọi công trình


Trần nhà thạch cao giật cấp phù hợp với mọi không gian


3. Decorate the gypsum ceiling by lighting system

The color of the wall is simple, but will transform very amazing when combined with the lights. There are many lamps available to choose from. Lighting system brings a new living space, comfort and luxury for space.


Ánh sáng hợp lý khiến không gian sống đẹp hơn


Ceiling lights are the perfect choice for the gypsum ceiling of a beautiful and luxurious family. Lights are available in two types: one is large, with an impressive design usually hanging in the center of the room and two are small, lined with decorative plaster. Large ceiling lights with elegant design, colorful and suitable for each style of decoration of the room. In addition to the light function, large ceiling lights also enhance the beauty of the house. If selected and decorated properly, the lamp will be a catalyst, bring the uniqueness of the interior and artistic beauty of space.


>Hệ thống chiếu sáng làm tăng vẻ đẹp cho trần nhà thạch cao


It is important to note that when choosing large ceiling lights, it do not have the function of providing the main light for the whole room. When choosing the lamp, you should attach much importance to the design of the lamp to create the beauty for space. And choose the light intensity is not too high to bring the feeling of gentle and warm.


Bố trí đèn hợp lý mang đến cảm giác dịu nhẹ và ấm cúng


If the ceiling light is large, usually installed in the center of the room, small lights are clad in the ceiling, or hanging scattered in the location to illuminate, make the room more vibrant or warm, friendly depending on the color which you choose.


Đèn treo làm tăng tính nghệ thuật cho ngôi nhà


4. Cover the plaster ceiling defects with interior fittings

You can use colors with decorative ways to cover cracks or bumps on the ceiling. In case the wall does not meet the problem, the wood for the ceiling is also the choice of many people because it gives a warm feeling for their home.


Ốp thêm gỗ cho trần tạo cảm giác ấm cúng cho không gian


The system of decorative items such as cabinets, tables and chairs with dark colors are also a good measure to distract when the house has imperfect ceiling, the area is deviated or too many angles.


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