Le Tran


Le Tran Company was founded in 1999 and is one of the first companies producing and providing ceiling and drywall products systems in Viet Nam.


With the goal of becoming a manufacturer and a leading provider for ceiling and drywall products in Viet Nam, Lê Trần company is continuously improving production capacity as well as competition and investing in production lines for metal frames and decorative ceiling tiles with the most modern technology, producing and supplying the market with standard-quatified products of ASTM (USA), BS (UK).


Le Tran’s products have been distributed by over two hundred distributors and are being used in a variety of projects across the country.

The year 2012 was the year that marked the outstanding development of Le Tran company through the investment in replacing old machineries and equipments by newly technical and modern ones which are completely automatic. Products manufactured meet the strict standards of technological accuracy and aestheticism but reasonable prices which can compete with similar products made by other multi-national groups not only about prices but also in technique and product quality as well.

With the slogan “ BRING YOU TRUE VALUE ”Lê Trần commit to bring practical values to our customers. Trust and satisfaction are strategic goals throughout Le Tran activities.